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Enjay Presses
Lizzie has a full sized Enjay etching press in her own studio, and uses a portable RP12 Enjay when she is on the road. She loves them both so much she recently became a contact person for Enjay in NSW. If you would like to check them out, call Lizzie today on 0487184059
Get together a group of friends for a custom workshop at a time that suits you. Call Lizzie
today on 0487184059.

Workshops and classes in linocut, dry point etching and aluminium etching in Lizzie's studio in the New England Contemporary Print Gallery in Armidale.

Printmaking is fun and easy to learn. Workshops for beginners and for experienced printmakers wanting to learn a new technique or simply to start a new project... All materials are provided, you just bring your ideas and your lunch! Come by yourself, or get together your friends, family or colleagues and do something creative.

Small groups, adults only.




Drypoint etching one day workshop

Friday April 7 (Good Friday) 2023 10am - 4pm

$180 including all materials

A day  of drypoint etching, making marks directly onto perspex and metal plates - no acid required! Print on beautiful  art paper on Lizzie's little etching press using luscious French inks.

Absolutely no experience is necessary - have fun and create something beautiful! Continuing printmakers can learn new techniques.

Strictly limited numbers.  

3 Day aluminium etching workshop 

April 8,9,10 (EASTER) 2023 

$540 inlcuding all materials 3 days

The exciting user-friendly etching technique that is pefect for beginners and for experienced printmakers looking to learn something

new. Play with line, texture, tone and colour - you'll be amazed at whatyou can achieve in  3 days!

All tools and materials are provided, including metal plates, Charbonnel etching inks, tarlatan, quality art paper and copper sulphate. Just bring your ideas and drawings and your lunch.

Weekend Linocut Workshop
April 29 & 30
$280 including all materials

Learn how to design, transfer, carve and print your own original linocut that you can then go on printing at home. 

No experience necessary.

Numbers strictly limited. Adults only except by

prior arrangement. 



Watch this space for new workshops, or call Lizzie today

on 0487184059 to organise a custom workshop for the technique

you want at a mutually convenient time. NAVA rates. 

Studio Lizzie Horne is now in the  New England Contemporary Print Gallery at 153 Beardy Street, Armidale. That's in the mall, right next door to the Armidale Art Gallery.  The New England Contemporary Print Gallery is Armidale's newest art gallery and Lizzie is excited to be able to run her printmaking workshops there among inspirational artworks.

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Book here! Scroll down and click on the image to choose the class or workshop with the dates and times that suit you below.

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