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New England Contemporary Print Gallery

No fixed address, Armidale NSW 2350   0487184059  @necprintgallery
Dreams of the Sea.jpg

NECPG is an exhibition, workshop and studio space dedicated to printmaking in its many forms. We aim to provide printmakers and collectors with exciting opportunities and to make a strong contribution to the cultural life of New England.



Submissions no longer being accepted.

Sadly, Dreams of the Sea was the last exhibition. The building is no longer suitable to house valuable original art and the effort we had to make to protect the work was unsustainable. As we are unable to renovate, we have vacated and all unsold art has been returned to artists. We will be searching for a new venue in the spring.

In two years we will have held 13 shows with 56 artists from around Australia, as well as 19 printmaking workshops plus linocut classes and studio print days. It's been a blast!

If we find a new space we will let you know...

Thanks to the following artists for being part of an exciting project. It has been my pleasure to exhibit your work and thrilling to be able to introduce collectors to your art. 
Evelyn Alvarez * Leah Bullen * Elaine Camlin * Nicky Carey * Mark Cawood * Rebecca Cawood * Eveline Chan * Jazmina Cininas * Amanda Donohue * Rhonda Ellem * David Frazer * Louise Goggin * Helen Grace * Rona Green * Jules Harris * Lizzie Horne * Kit Hiller * Kate Hudson * Kyoko Imazu * Anne Irvine * Stephanie Isaac Newton * Hyunju Kim * Gemma King * Martin King * Jenny Kitchener * Damon Kowarsky * Jonathan Larsen * Chris Lawry * Catherine Lee * Michael Leunig * Marco Luccio * Kelly Lye Stackman * Cat MacGregor * Beth MacRaild O’Loughlin * Julie McCarthy * Fleur Marsden * Neil Matterson * Glenda Parmenter * Dinny Perry * Liz Powell * Lin Quaife * Bronwyn Rees * Trudy Rice * Rosalie Rigby * Gwen Scott * Jessica Serov * Emily Simson * Susie Spencer * Ruth Stanton * Maggie Stein * Anna Sutherland * Mike Terry * Kati Thamo * Kay Watanabe * Peta West * Joel Wolter * Valé Zakarauskas

Q: How do I get framed work to you?

A: Art courier, Australia Post, hand delivery - our artists use a variety of methods. It is also possible to arrange local framing and send your unframed prints to the framer in Armidale. Make sure you talk to them first! Artists are responsible for all costs associated with delievery of work. 

Q:What happens if my work doesn't sell?

A: By arrangement with artists we send unsold work back the week following the exhibition close, or we keep it in the stockroom to give it more chance to sell.

Q. Do you refund the cost of packaging for prints in the same way as framing?

A: No.

Q: My work needs special hanging. Is that OK?

A: Talk to us! We are pretty flexible....

Q: I forgot to photograph my work before I framed it. Is a photo behind glass OK?

A: It probably won't do you any favours, and we can't use it to promote your work.

Q: If my submission is successful, will I get my name on the poster?

A: Marketing materials are created before submissions close, so probably not, but your work will be displayed in the exhibition.  


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