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New England Contemporary Print Gallery

153 Beardy Street, Armidale NSW 2350   0487184059  @necprintgallery
Garden Party poster.jpg

NECPG is an exhibition, workshop and studio space dedicated to printmaking in its many forms. We aim to provide printmakers and collectors with exciting opportunities and to make a strong contribution to the cultural life of New England.  

Garden Party
Submissions now being accepted for Wonderful World opening Feb 7 - see guidelines below.

Submit your work for exhibition in necpg

We are always looking for high quality, original print work  and welcome submissions. We do have high expectations to match those of our most fastidious collectors, so  please ensure that you read all the submission guidelines carefully. We are happy to take packaged, unframed work for the print cradles, but we really don't want Spotlight and Ikea frames - mats should be cut to fit and the back should be properly sealed.

Now accepting submissions for:

Wonderful World opening February 7, 2024
Dreams of the sea opening March 20, 2024
Structures of Reality opening May 15, 2024

Submission guidelines
Email high quality electronic images of your work with a brief biography (100 words max) and CV, plus the following information for each print:



Edition number (eg 1/5, US, EV 2/10 etc)


Image size + Framed size

Unframed ticket price (including any GST applicable and gallery commission of 45%)

Framed or unframed? If framed, what is the frame price? (We do not charge commission on frames but do require framing receipts for reimbursement.) Framing must be professional with correctly fitting mounts, D rings and properly sealed. 

Preference will be given to cohesive bodies of work (4-10 prints) ready to hang or packaged with sturdy foam core or cardboard backing and protective wrapping. 

Work should fit the theme!

Email to:

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 3 WEEKS BEFORE OPENING DATES - but the earlier you submit, the better.

Please do not be offended if your work is not accepted for a particular exhibition - there are many reasons why it may not be a good fit. 

Q: How do I get framed work to you?

A: Art courier, Australia Post, hand delivery - our artists use a variety of methods. It is also possible to arrange local framing and send your unframed prints to the framer in Armidale. Make sure you talk to them first! Artists are responsible for all costs associated with delievery of work. 

Q:What happens if my work doesn't sell?

A: By arrangement with artists we send unsold work back the week following the exhibition close, or we keep it in the stockroom to give it more chance to sell.

Q. Do you refund the cost of packaging for prints in the same way as framing?

A: No.

Q: My work needs special hanging. Is that OK?

A: Talk to us! We are pretty flexible....

Q: I forgot to photograph my work before I framed it. Is a photo behind glass OK?

A: It probably won't do you any favours, and we can't use it to promote your work.

Q: If my submission is successful, will I get my name on the poster?

A: Marketing materials are created before submissions close, so probably not, but your work will be displayed in the exhibition.  


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