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New England Contemporary Print Gallery

153 Beardy Street, Armidale NSW 2350   0487184059  @necprintgallery
Canopy of leaves poster.jpg
A Canopy of Leaves  February 1 - April 1 2023
A selection of works by 11 artists from around Australia. A diverse range of printmaking showcasing established and emerging artists. Our biggest show yet with more than 100 prints on show - not counting the works in the print cradles!

An exhibition, workshop and studio space dedicated to printmaking in its many forms. We aim to provide printmakers and collectors with exciting opportunities and to make a strong contribution to the cultural life of New England.  The gallery has now  reached its sixth exhibition, Artist's Choice, and looking forward to a solid program of exhibitions embracing artists and print works from around the country. 

Exhibit with us as a Wild Card Submission guidelines

This is an opportunity for emerging and interstate artists to participate in our exhibitions. Wild card artists are shown on the walls and shelves and in the print cradles. Work should fit the theme of the advertised exhibition, and should be ready to show, either framed for the walls or packaged for the shelves.

Email a high quality image of up to 6 works plus  the following details for each work submitted:

Your name and contact details





Image size


Framed (yes or no)

Cost of frame if framed (receipt will be required)

Unframed price (inc 45% commission + any applicable GST)

(Please note that necpg does not charge commission on frames.)

By submitting work for a wild card spot at necpg you agree to its use in publicity and marketing for the gallery. 

Preference will be given to works ready to hang  or packaged.

Work should be professionally framed and sealed, with D rings.

Submissions close 3 weeks before the opening date of each exhibition, but the earlier you submit the better.

Email to

Call Lizzie on 0487184059 for more details. 

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines may not be considered.




New gallery opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday 10-3, Market 
Sundays and by appointment

Coming soon...

 Opens April 5, 2023
Closes Ma
y 28 
Wild creatures, wild seas, wild parties, wild imagination - wild is what you make it! We are looking for strong, original work that shows your printmaking skill.

Wildcard entries close March 10.

Looking for Magic
Opens May 31, 2023 
Closes July 15, 2023

A bit of sparkle, a twinkle of light, fantastical worlds and beautiful notions... maybe you can find magic anywhere.

Wildcard entries close May 10.

Gallery will be closed for 4 weeks over the cold, cold Armidale winter. 

Australian stories
Opens August 16, 2023 
Closes September, 2023
Your story, the country's story, our myths, legends
and defining moments...  Australian stories are as rich and diverse as our nation.

Wildcard entries close July 26.

Garden party
Opens  October 4
Closes November 19
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